Program Details

The DFLabs® Partner Program offers award-winning products built on
advanced technology and a broad spectrum of services, both of which
come with a wealth of support and benefits that help our partners succeed.

Strategic Service Opportunity

DFLabs’s unique approach is the critical missing piece of the Incident Response Lifecycle.

We provide the answers to urgent questions CISOs are struggling to find when they have a Security Incident or Breach:

○ What is happening?
○ How can I prioritize my response?
○ How can I contain the damage?
○ Has this occurred elsewhere?

IncMan’s platform is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of any industry while joining automation and human resources so that the enterprises can improve security.

Key Elements:

• A simple and easy to understand program
• Deal registration which rewards partners for their investment
• SPIFFs that drive growth

Advanced Services:

• License, subscription and services transactional support
• Project scoping and management
• Security architectural design and architectural review
• Secure infrastructure implementation and integration with
existing control systems

Other Benefits

Partner Communications

DFLabs® provides a regular cadence of partner communications through
partner-focused newsletters and webinars:

Webinar Invitations
1st week of every month

Live Webinar
3rd week of every month, featuring DFLabs executives with broad security
topics and partner recognition

Every month




Partnerships Types

Integrate DFLabs IncMan into service platforms

Systems Integrators
Deliver complete security architecture design and implementation

Technology Partners
Provide complementary portfolio solutions

Consulting Partners
Deliver risk mitigation, advanced services and security strategy


Key Benefits

Represent a proactive product that finally and effectively allows CISO's to be able effective prioritize risk, contain damage to assets, and visualize where this may have occured elsewhere. All this and robust reporting for compliance needs.

Long-Lasting High Margins

Deal Registration

Reward your efforts through deal registration

Qualified Leads

Benefit from sales engagement at an early stage in the cycle and build
lasting success for your brand

True Partnership

Enjoy a relationship with a vendor that is committed to your success

Who We Are Seeking

• Security product and strategic solution providers
(preferably experienced with endpoint security)
• Influential sales and technical staff
• Highly ethical with a great reputation industry wide
• Current certifications from other endpoint security vendors
highly desired
• Financial stability with a proven track record

Partner Responsibilities

• Achieve required certifications according to partner level within a
reasonable time period
• Reach program level revenue goals in order to maintain status
• Participate in business planning and reviews based on partner level
• Abide by DFLabs Rules of Engagement
• Install DFLabs IncMan in a lab environment