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You can either pay for the Not-For-Resale (NFR) software/access or you can take the quiz–either way, when you’ve got some skin in the game your chances of using the software increases. Resellers sell what they know and they know what they use–so we want to get you using the software.

Answer the following 10 questions correctly and you’ll gain access to the software–most of it is covered within this portal site. The Channel Manager will get an email with your responses and should email you info about the NFR within 24 hours. Contact them if there is a delay.

NFR Quiz

Pass the quiz and win FREE software/access to Chanimal products.
  • Hint: See Deal Reg Policy
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  • Hint: see Lead policy
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  • Hint: Contact us under Support
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  • Hint: Look under Marketing Tools
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  • Hint: Marketing tools
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  • Hint: See lead policy
  • Hint: See training under support
  • Hint: See special promotions
  • Hint: See Deal Reg Policies
  • Hint: Folks have to find the product when the land on your website
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    Thanks for submitting. The test will be graded by the channel manager and they will send you details about the NFR copy/access--usually within 24 - 48 hours.


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In our latest installment, learn all about our intergration with Carbon Black Cb Response as well as our new Correlation Visualization Engine!


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